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CL Interview Questions

Q: How we define Data area  that will specify a default date format of *YMD, and a default date separator /   By defining CRTDTAARA keyword,  we can create data area. Below is the command for data-area with default data format *YMD  and default Separator/ .

Top 8 questions for the interviewer.

Taking the chance to ask the correct questions, if the interviewer asks any questions to me or relevant to the job. Understand the questions about who, whether the interviewer is from the technical side in a short technical round ask specific questions related to project or whether he / she is from the recruiters / HR, the questions related to salary fall here. Here are the questions that make the interviewer 's impression realistic.   In the Technical Round:   Q: What roles and responsibilities will be there for this role? It is important to have a deep understanding of the day-to-day activities about the role that we are going to play. Q: What sort of projects is the team working on? Help you get a proper picture of whether the project is development / support / enhancement. Q: On which platforms / tools are we working on? Aims to understand the technologies. Q: What's the most recent challenging job we've got, can you brief about it? Comprehending challenges, we going to